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About the Bible Reflection Resource


The guide is designed to be flexible and adaptable to the needs of your context with three key elements:


  1. Film: A 43-minute documentary film, The Doctrine of Discovery, in The Name of Christ is structured in three parts: The History of the Doctrine of Discovery and its basis in Christian theology and scripture, Living the Doctrine of Discovery, and Undoing the Doctrine of Discovery. It is available for free online streaming or to order with an optional donation. 
  2. Study Guide/ Learning Modules: These follow the basic sections of the film and are divided into 5 sessions. Adult Education or Sunday School classes may choose to watch the entire film together or separately before starting these modules or may watch each section during each gathering. 
  3. Bible Reflections: Ten settler and Indigenous authors, including Bible scholars, theologians and activists, contributed Bible reflections. They are based on Biblical texts that have supported theologies of Doctrine of Discovery, or texts that resist it. Bible reflection options for each week are listed at the end of each Learning Module. You may choose to send participants home with Bible reflections to read ahead of time individually or may extend the series and incorporate the reflections in to the group time each week. Contributors include Randy Woodley, Sarah Augustine, Regina Shands-Stolzfus, Elaine Enns, and Ched Myers.

We hope these resources can be useful tools for congregations as we learn, pray, and work to undo the Doctrine of Discovery!