Coalition Structure and Committees

Model for Change


This is a working model for change we created in 2021 after conversations emerged at our annual gathering about the relationship between cultural change and structural change. We see cultural and structural change supporting each other to propel social change forward like wheels on a bike. 

If we only focus on cultural change, then it’s like a flat tire and we can’t move forward. The same is true if we only focus on structural change. Flat tires literally let the air out of movements! We offer examples of cultural change and structural change below that can move in sync toward dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery.


Coalition Structure Diagram Draft 1

Coalition Structure

The diagram represents our current organizational structure as of January, 2023. The larger circles of the Venn Diagram are our three main committees, with smaller working groups represented by the smaller circles.


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (leaders pictured below) coordinates the work of the Coalition, which includes discerning and implementing the collective vision of the group, setting and managing the yearly budget, organizing the Coalition’s presence at Mennonite gatherings, and selecting an annual Indigenous Repair Partner to whom we direct 60% of general donations to our Coalition. Committee chairs are also represented on the Steering Committee.

Sarah Augustine

Co-founder and Executive Director

Jonathan Neufeld

Steering Committee Co-Chair

Hallie Liu Rogers

Steering Committee Co-Chair

Coalition Committees

Our Coalition work is largely done in three main committees that have formed since 2014:

  • Structural Change Committee
  • Cultural Change Committee
  • Story Sharing Committee

Ad Hoc Working Groups form at our Coalition meetings and follow the direction they mutually set in concert with the Spirit. It is our intention to remain flexible enough to respond to the call we mutually discern.

In 2021, we launched the Repair Network of Congregations and Communities, which is open to any Christian communities to join as members of our Coalition.

See here for more information on joining our Repair Network!

The Structural Change Committee works to dismantle the Doctrine of Discovery in institutional, legal, and policy structures. They address structural decision makers in faith, civic and political bodies at community, national and international levels. Working Groups that fall under the Structural Change Committee:

  • Protect ICWA Working Group
  • Maya-Mennonite Solidarity Working Group
  • Protect Oak Flat Working Group
  • Investment Justice Working Group




Lars Åkerson

Structural Change Chair



The Cultural Change Committee creates artistic and educational resources to creatively engage Anabaptist congregations in our movement to dismantle the Doctrine of Discovery. See the Educational Resources tab for some of our projects. Working Groups that fall under the Cultural Change Committee:

  • Decolonizing Board Game Working Group
  • Dismantling the DofD Songs Playlist



Mary Schertz

Cultural Change Chair



The Story Sharing Committee is the outreach and communications arm of the Coalition, connecting and sharing stories related to our work with people and institutions, especially in Anabaptist constituencies, for the work of dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery.



 Sara Gurulé

Story Sharing Chair



Prayer Teams

We believe in the power of prayer! Our Prayer Team meets once a month to pray for our Coalition and for Indigenous partners and land and water protectors. We host a regular drop-in Zoom call for potential volunteers to learn more about our Coalition and join our work.

If you would like to be involved with the work of any of these committees or working groups, please contact us here!

About Our Annual Meetings

Committees and Coalition Partners meet annually in person or on Zoom (usually over a weekend in July or August) to pray, strategize, work and learn together, network and fellowship, and vision a world of flourishing for all life, with Indigenous self-determination at the forefront! A different church community hosts us each year, offering a chance for our wider church family to connect with our work.

If you would like to join us as a committee member or Coalition Partner, please contact us here.