Announcing Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery Campaign for Oak Flat

Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery Coalition (DDoD) is starting a campaign backing the San Carlos Apache led efforts to save Oak Flat from destruction by a proposed copper mine.  You are invited to join in!

Oak Flat, (Chi’chil Bildagoteel) is a sacred site of the San Carlos Apache from time immemorial.  It is a place of ceremony and other prayer, a place to collect acorns and medicinal plants, a burial site.  They were “temporarily” removed from the area by the US government  in the late 1800’s but have continued to return.  For instance the last weekend of October and early November in Oak Flat they have celebrated Sunrise Ceremonies honoring the coming of age of young women of the Nation. 

The land of Oak Flat is currently claimed by the US Forest Service.  After years of Apache and allies successful resistance of the Resolution Copper proposal of a block cave mine under Oak Flat, the US Congress snuck in an attachment to a defense bill that promised to transfer Oak Flat to the mining company.  Since that time resistance has continued including prayers and ceremony, physically taking up residence in the space, legislative proposals to reverse the land transfer, active participation in the environmental and other steps pre-transfer, legal action to postpone shortcuts in that process, gatherings and actions of solidarity…   

Currently the government is planning to transfer the land before the end of 2020.  Now is the time pary and act and to be ready to act.  DDoD has been asked to organize around both prayer and legislative action.   

What you can do:

DDOD Coalition member Carol Rose at Oak Flats in February 2020.