• Use our resources!
    The Coalition has films, Sunday School study guides, games, exhibits, and other resources to help you spread the word and educate your community about the Coalition’s work. We are happy to provide groups with these resources, and we love hearing stories of how you use them.
  • Host an event!

We Own This Now is a full-length play written by Alison Casella Brookins and produced by Ted & Company TheaterWorks. It looks at love of land, loss of land, and what it means to “own” something. A profound and entertaining way for settlers to engage with their own stories of colonization.

Loss of Turtle Island: This participatory learning experience depicts the historic relationship between European settlers — including Mennonites — and the Indigenous nations, the original inhabitants of the land we now call the United States of America. 

  • Volunteer with the Coalition!
    The Coalition is fully volunteer run. We are looking for volunteers to join a subcommittee and shape the work of the Coalition in these specific areas:
      1. Structural Change: Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery in institutional, legal, and policy structures. 
      2. Cultural Change: Creating artistic and educational resources to engage Anabaptist congregations in the movement. 
      3. Constituency Engagement: Connecting with people and institutions to grow the coalition. 

Contact us if you are interested!

  • Join with Indigenous struggles

We want to help people connect their education about the Doctrine of Discovery into action to support Indigenous people. Here are a few suggestions that we are happy to help you pursue:

      1. Act Locally – Are there are existing local Indigenous solidarity efforts that you could join? Are there ways your community can educate itself? We can help you connect with existing Coalition resources, and accompany you in your process of acknowledging local Indigenous groups as a church community and seeking reparative justice.  
      2. Act Nationally – Can we include you in action plans to address national issues that the Coalition is focused on? Some recent campaigns include: supporting the National Indian Child Welfare Association in defending challenges to the Indian Child Welfare Act in federal court, Democratic Party advocacy in California, border wall impacts along the southern border with Mexico.
      3. Act Internationally – Can we include you in action plans to address international issues that the Coalition is focused on? These include mercury poisoning of Indigenous people in South America and impacts of commercial agriculture in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Contact us for more information!

  • Give to repair work with our Indigenous partners and our coalition
    When you give to the Coalition, 60% of your donation will go to repair work with Indigenous people and 40% will go towards the continuing work of the Coalition to build relationships and educating the Anabaptist community to dismantle the Doctrine of Discovery.